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Christina Aguilera Racy Photos

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Christina Aguilera racy photos

Christina Aguilera’s racy photos taken back in April of 2010 are making headlines tonight, after a hacker got into the account of Christina Aguilera’s personal stylist and leaked the racy pictures. Rumors have been swirling that Christina Aguilera is pregnant, but it’s safe to assume that she was not pregnant when the photos were taken, otherwise she’d be about to give birth right now.

Considering that she had not yet separated from husband Jordan Bratman when the racy photos were taken, we can’t help but wonder who these pictures were meant for.

Were Christina Aguilera’s racy photos an attempt to patch things up with Jordan Bratman? Or was she sending them to new beau Matt Rutler? And then, there’s the question of whether or not she was having some sort of racy relationship with her personal stylist?

Whoever Christina Aguilera’s racy photos were meant for, I’m guessing that since the pictures have been leaked, she wishes she’d never taken them.

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